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North Main Trucking is committed to dedicating time to various charities in our community.

Pete in Pink - Breast cancer awareness

Article:  Interlake Sun

Saturday, September 14, 2013 


Pink tends to stand out in a crowd, especially when it’s a large gravel truck painted in that particular colour.

The sight is one not seen often, if anywhere, in Manitoba. That is why there has been a lot of people pulling over to the side of the road in West St. Paul, as well as calling, texting, and sharing photos on Facebook over the last week when a pink truck was spotted.

North Main Trucking decided to update their fleet with five new trucks recently, and owner Peter Vogiatzakis was joking around with his staff saying he was going make them drive a pink truck. The idea turned out not to be a bad one, as they ordered a ‘breast cancer’ pink truck to raise awareness and money for cancer.

“City of Winnipeg has a pink fire truck, City Mix has a pink cement truck, so I just figure that I would throw it into the industry to put a pink gravel truck,” explained Vogiatzakis.

“Construction jobs, big tough, macho guys sort of thing, and you have a pink truck pulling on the job site – you get all of the attention in the world.”

In addition to raising cancer awareness and money for research, the driver of this particular truck is a cancer survivor himself.

“The driver who is driving that truck, he had cancer they told him that he wasn’t going to make it. They sent him to BC for some kind of test or trials or something for cancer treatments, and he came back cancer free after five weeks,” explained Vogiatzakis of his employee. “He’s the guy who’s driving that truck. He’s been through cancer and he’s beat it.”

Vogiatzakis’ business is going to donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society for every working hour the truck is on the road within the next year, and possibly beyond that. Vogiatzakis estimated North Main Trucking will donate anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 by this time next year. He explained he intends to approach other businesses at that time to see if they will match his donation.

“Since ’96 we’ve always been working for people and taking, and taking so it’s a time in our life where we’re doing ok and we decided to give back a little bit now.”

Vogiatzakis received the custom-ordered truck about one week ago, and “it hasn’t even hit the street yet” work wise. However, it did appear Sept. 14 in the world’s largest truck convoy for the Special Olympics.

“Hopefully everyone will be able to see the truck in its travels,” said Vogiatzakis.

“It will be seen… That has a breast cancer ribbon on the hood so even if people are in cranes or in tall buildings they can look down and see the huge ribbon.”

Savior Children Foundation - Kasoa, Ghana

Thank-you letter: Patrick Nwodobeh
Founder – Saviour Children Foundation

Kasoa, Ghana


The year began with a move to the Savior Children Foundation’s current location at the Old Fufa Premises, Kingstown, Kasoa.  Construction of the new school quickly commenced seeing a student body of 250 students.  A kitchen was also built, providing proper facilities to prepare food for the 45 orphans living at Savior Children Foundation and lunch for the 250 students arriving each day for school.

In April the orphans living on the premises were moved from their cramped temporary sleeping quarters to their new dormitories.  An additional classroom and office were also built.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of volunteers a down payment was made on 12 acres of farmland. In August the land was cleared and the first crop of corn was planted.  The purchase of this farmland is an exciting addition to the foundation.  The farmland is a huge step toward long-term sustainability of the orphanage and school. The crops will help feed the children with the surplus being sold at the market providing an ongoing income for the foundation.

Education is not easily attainable in Ghana.   Many parents cannot afford the school fees necessary to send their children to school.  Word spread in the Kasoa area of the Savior Children Foundation; whereby the school fees have been waived.  Enrollment quickly increased from 250 students to over 400.  An addition to the school was necessary, so in September an additional 4 classrooms were built.

It is now December and our first crop of corn is ready for harvest.  Not only will the children be rewarded with the extra food provided by the crop, but the excess will be sold at the market.   January will see the planting of tomatoes, peppers, cassava, corn, and yams.

None of this would have been possible, if not for your generous contributions to the Savior Children Foundation.  On behalf of Patrick  Nwodobeh (founder of the Savoir Children Foundation) and the children – thank-you.  You have given these children a home, an education and a future.


Yours sincerely,
Patrick Nwodobeh

Founder – Saviour Children Foundation

Kasoa, Ghana, Africa

Picture of a sign that says Winnipeg Police Services Golf Tournament - North Main Trucking Gold Sponsor

North Main Trucking is a proud supporter and donator to Ronald McDonald House

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